My etching sighted in the Huffington Post

A cousin in Boston recently had a photo of her living room featured in a decorating article in the Huffington Post. You can see my large etching called Catalpa hanging on the right side wall. It’s a favorite of hers.

The tree which on a foggy winter’s day inspired this etching is happily growing on our property. I can see it from my studio windows. It gets an occasional hug from me as it has been one of the most ethereal and well received works I have done.  An esoteric tidbit is that spring revealed it to be a black walnut tree, not a catalpa tree. I had already sold prints from the edition, so the original title stuck. I’ve posted a picture of it taken today. You can see the kinky curve of the trunk through the leaves, the result of being chewed by a horse when it was a sapling.