Jail Hill Trees: Three excellent options for Jail Hill Trees etching

This new etching, called “Jail Hill Trees”, was derived from a wonderful abandoned Correctional Center property located in my village of Millbrook. This beautiful and hilly property is over 100 acres and in the sixty-five years since it has been in public hands the trees have had a chance to grow unfettered. I draw much inspiration from this place. Upon the completion of the etching, “Jail Hill Trees”, I felt that it could include a few more of the trees from this property. I created two side plates so that this etching can also be presented as a triptych, either as a six foot wide image printed all on one piece of paper or framed as three separate panels as illustrated. The word “Triptych” means “three-fold” in Greek and its usual form is of a large panel flanked by two smaller panels that are often hinged so they can be folded closed or displayed open. In art the triptych was originally used in early Christian altarpieces in churches and cathedrals but has been used by many different contemporary artists as well. I like the idea that in using this form my images of landscapes are given a more sacred context, which is how I feel about the natural world. This image and my other newest work can be found at “hot off the etching press

10.5” x 35.5"
10.5 ”x 69.5”