May Studio/Spring Update

Posted on May 5, 2015 Under News

I recently returned from my Texas shows and although this is the violent storm season there, somehow the clouds parted above for each of the four shows. I feel fortunate to have escaped them and as a result attendance was good and I did well. It was great to see my friends and collectors again.

I was also happy to receive the Artist Award of Distinction at the Art in the Square in Southlake Texas. Evelyn in response said she always knew I was distinctive, but I’m not quite sure if this was the way she meant that. I’ve included a few pictures from my trip. A few are of the wonderful wildflowers growing everywhere which is one of Lady Bird Johnston’s inspired gifts from when LBJ was president. Texas was home for them. Damming the Colorado River which runs through Austin to create the much appreciated and used Town Lake was another. No, this is not the Grand Canyon Colorado River. There are pictures of some of my favorite local food; a big plateful of crawfish and a catfish and shrimp sandwich. Yum. There’s a ‘real art’ vending machine located at the Southwest School of Art in San Antonio (a great idea), odd turbulent clouds which spared me their high winds hail and rain, and some roadside trees.

I’m back in the studio now, catching up with orders but sneaking out occasionally to give Evelyn a hand with the spring yard and garden clean up, and I’m really looking forward to returning to Michigan to exhibit later this week. It certainly is an enjoyable busy time of year for me.

Wishing everyone a happy spring!