One Man Tokyo Gallery Exhibition

George Raab, Canadian Wilderness Etchings 
A One Man Tokyo Gallery Exhibition

May 23- August 29, 2008

“I am a long time admirer of the Japanese printmaking tradition and I am pleased to have this wonderful opportunity to present my landscape etchings of Canada’s natural areas here at the Prince Takamado Gallery. My work can only be enriched through the influence of artistic and cultural diversity, and I relish being able to go beyond my existing markets and to reach out to a global one.

I am always both thrilled and daunted by the prospect of putting a solo exhibition of my work together.  I see this exhibition as an opportunity to not only create new works but to also challenge myself to try something I had not done before. The large screen of a forest landscape is the result. My intention was to create a bridge between my imagery and a traditional Japanese presentation.

My etchings for the most part are peaceful and contemplative. Some have a sense of mystery and many are winter scenes; the season in which the landscape is reduced to mere silhouettes of leafless trees and little colour. I enjoy that ethereal simplicity.
I also have the hope that in some way my images kindle a keener appreciation of our diminishing natural environment and in turn cause us to think more about the importance of protecting it for aesthetic inspiration and biological diversity.

The techniques I use to create my original intaglio prints are etching, aquatint, engraving, photo-etching, and watercolour painting. The etching plates are hand worked, proofed and printed on my manual etching press and some of the resulting images are hand coloured. All of the work is done by me in my Millbrook, Ontario studio.

It has been a pleasure to work with Ryuko Iikubo, the Cultural Officer for the Embassy Gallery. The organization and presentation of this exhibition is a credit to her.

I would like to also thank a friend from my teenage years in Toronto, Mr. Robert Ulmer, the Commercial Councilor for the Ontario Government. The Arts Branch of Canadian Foreign Affairs and International Trade in Ottawa have purchased my artwork over the years to hang in Canadian official residences and Embassies worldwide. Much to Bob’s surprise, when he moved into his new office here at the Canadian Embassy, one of my original etchings was hanging on his wall. It was through his suggestion and much appreciated support that this fine exhibition resulted.

And lastly thank you to my wife Evelyn, a fine food writer, excellent cook, and ardent supporter, with whom all things are possible.”
Enjoy the exhibition!

Tokyo Museum Review of Canadian Embassy Exhibition