Spring 2018 update

Jail Hill Trees (3 plate)                                                   20” x 78” framed – New 5 tree version

Spring greetings from my studio.

Although there is freezing rain falling today it’s supposed to finally warm up later next week. The crocuses and lilies outside my studio were struggling to come up through the remaining patches of ice and now there is few inches of hail on top.

Only the returning Canada geese on our pond seem to be OK about this lingering frigid weather.

I decided to skip my spring Texas shows (would definitely be warmer there) and a few others over the summer in order to spend time on all the things I enjoy doing that never seem to make their way up my list. So if you missed me at those shows, please feel free to check out the new work posted on my website.

Talking of enjoyable things, I recently returned from a trip to the Canary Islands. Driving the hairpin, single lane roads up and down the spectacular forested and volcanic peaks of the Islands was a real treat, but it certainly made my frequent stops a little dicey. I plan to have some new etchings from the trip with me this summer. Click here to view some pictures from my trip.

In June I’m looking forward to a gallery show in a small town near where I had my first studio in my 20’s. The studio was up on a steep hill surrounded by century pine trees and had a killer view down into the rolling Papineau Creek valley. A friend and I built it with the money I made working over two summers in the Canadian Arctic, my only ‘real’ jobs. It’s a beautiful wilderness area near Algonquin Park in which I affectionately refer to as my old stomping grounds. It was there I figured out what I wanted to say through my artwork, and how to say it. No surprise the ‘what’ was the my love of natural areas which drew me there in the first place,  and the seclusion afforded me the time to experiment and hone my printmaking skills, in order to figure out the ‘how’. The exhibition is most appropriately called ‘Where it all Began’ after the title of an etching I did around that time, which is pictured below.

Here are some pictures of the studio, I look forward to seeing if it is still there.

I’m looking forward getting back out the road with my new work next month and I hope to see you at one of my shows.