Upcoming Show – July 19-22

Forest Road (new work in progress)                                                                    49” x 23” framed

Upcoming Show:

South University Art Fair, July 19 – 22
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Greetings from my Millbrook Studio

This is just a heads up to let you know that I will be exhibiting at the South University Art Fair in Ann Arbor next weekend.  You can find me in Booth #SU1103.  For more show info, click here.  I have some new large etchings that have just finished up like the one in the photo below called Arboreous and another called Five Jail Hill Trees.  I will have them with me as well as other work created over the winter, like the image above.

I have recently returned from hanging my work at the Wildewood gallery in Maynooth, Ontario.  It’s in a beautiful wilderness area near Algonquin Park which I affectionately refer to as my old stomping grounds. It was there I figured out what I wanted to say through my artwork, and how to say it. No surprise the ‘what’ was the my love of natural areas which drew me there in the first place, and the seclusion afforded me the time to experiment with printmaking and hone the ‘how’. The exhibition is most appropriately called ‘Where it all Began’.

Here is a 23 year old me at the back door of the studio that I built there, as well as a few pictures from the show.

Here below are a few pictures I couldn’t resist adding. One is of the wonderful carpet of forget-me-nots along our creek trail.  Another is of one of our resident snapping turtles emerging from the pond to find find the perfect spot to lay her eggs and the last is one of Evelyn’s chickens hoping to go for a ride with me on my bike.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Best wishes,