Upcoming Show – Waterfowl Festival

Evening Flight                                                                     18″ x 45″ framed

Upcoming Show:

Waterfowl Festival, November 8th – 10th
Easton, Maryland.

Greetings from my Millbrook Studio,

This is just a heads up to let you know that I will be back exhibiting in The Armory at the Waterfowl Festival next weekend, November 8th-10th. For more show information, visit www.waterfowlfestival.org.

I am looking forward, as always, to coming to the Eastern Shore.  One of my favourite places!  This year will be bittersweet for me as one of my favourite people who for many years was a part of the Fine Art exhibition in the Gold Room at The Tidewater Inn and more recently at The Armories, has passed away.  Terri Duvall was an exceptional woman with a radiant smile and endless compassion.  Always ready to ensure we artists felt welcomed, she was willing to help in every way.  Her spirit lives on and we will all miss her.

That aside, I look forward to seeing all of my artist friends and collectors again.  I will be bringing some new work as well as some gems from my archives.  Below are some images of work that I will have at the show, some from the Easton area, as well as pictures from the beautiful area where I live and work.  My inspiration and solace is derived from these wonderful trails.

See you next weekend.


Santurary, 26″ x 35″ framed, etching, aquatint, watercolour.

Forest Track, 35 x 24″, framed, etching, aquatint, watercolour.

Tree Tops, 47″ x 26″, framed.

Blackwater, 24″ x 36″ framed, etching, aquatint, watercolour.

Eastern Shore, 24″ x 39″, framed, etching, aquatint, watercolour.

Hailstorm Creek, 32″ x 47″, framed, etching, aquatint, watercolour.

View over the nearby Millbrook Pond

Millbrook Valley Trails

Leo drinking from one of the many springs on the trail.

Lots of boardwalks.

View from the Millbrook Trail

Ivy engulfing my studio this fall