Upcoming Solo Exhibition

Dreamland                                                    Etching and aquatint, 30″ x 48″ framed.

Upcoming Solo Exhibition:

Peace and solace, mystery and primal longings;
a celebration of our natural heritage.

Pierre-Léon Gallery, Toronto
April 1 – 26, 2019
Toronto, Ontario

Artist Reception April 17th, 6:30pm

Greetings from my Millbrook Studio,

I will be exhibiting my work in the Pierre-Léon Gallery at the Alliance Française in Toronto.  The gallery is located at 24 Spadina Road and the hours are Mon-Thurs 9:00am – 6:00pm, Fri-Sat 9:00am – 4:00pm.  Click here for a map.

I was happy to be approached by the gallery.  Many of you likely do not know that I was born in Marseilles, France where my parents were active in the Maquis (French Resistance) during WWII.  This exhibition perhaps will validate my having a French passport.

Hanging in the show will be both current etchings and some from my early years, but all of them are impressions (no pun intended) from the natural environment as the title of the show reflects.  I hope you will be able to drop by.

Wishing you a happy spring, when it finally arrives.

Parting of Ways - 23"x47" framed